by Our Hollow, Our Home

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Luke M
Luke M thumbnail
Luke M A masterfully done take on melodic metalcore. Contagious lead melodies and choruses fused together with angry downtuned chugs and Whitechapel-esque growls. Hard to not sing along to. Favorite track: If Those Were Guns, Reggie Be Dead.
Bryan Rodrigues
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Bryan Rodrigues Amazing... Such a unique sound, no "big" named bands produce close to this kind of stuff! Definitely metal I can mosh to and enjoy... keep it up Guys Favorite track: Heisenberg.
Young Seok Lee
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Young Seok Lee very nice song!! Favorite track: I Am The Eulogy.
Shanti Brito
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Shanti Brito This EP is nothing below of what can be expected from this awesome band. May this wonderful work be only the start of a great legacy. Favorite track: Shipwreck City.
Jack Edwards
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Jack Edwards Great EP. Looking forward to hearing more from you guys :) Favorite track: If Those Were Guns, Reggie Be Dead.


I Am The Eulogy
If Those Were Guns, Reggie Be Dead
Shipwreck City
For What It's Worth

Bonus tracks:
Rest Assured


released January 24, 2015

First & foremost, a massive thank you to anyone who's bought, downloaded, or even stolen this record, or any of our merch, and to anyone who has given us the time to come down to one of our shows over the last year and a half.
You are the reason we do this, to play mental shows to people who are always up for a good time, you have pushed us to do far more in this short space of time than we ever imagined possible when we first started this band.
Hopefully this is a record that can make you proud, and go some way to repaying you for your amazing show of support since we formed.

To our family & friends for putting up with the hours of noise, countless times helping us moving equipment and or places to stay on the road, to Lauren Harris (Photography), Rob from Deference (Merch), and anyone else who's been a part of the Our Hollow, Our Home family through the year.

To (apologies if we miss anyone out) Toyan from The Artery Foundation, Avocado Booking, Marianne Harris, Mike Goncalves, The Advance Promotions Team, The Joiners Live Team, Stu McKay @ Studio 6, Fredrick Nordstrom @ Studio Fredman, Seasick Promotions & Management, Andy Moodie, Tom at The Alexia Agency, Jenny McCord, Karl Riley, Reiss Stanford, and countless others for believing in us enough to give us a chance to prove ourselves,
and to the following bands (and new and old friends) that make every show worth it, that make it more of a party, or who just support us in what we do - The Amity Affliction, Silent Screams, Desolated, Creeper, Fathoms, Shields, Seasons In Wreckage (RIP), High Hopes, Aurora, When We Were Wolves, Saint [the] Sinner, Prolong The Agony, Networks, Gone By Tomorrow, Deference, Laguna Sunrise, Skies In Motion, and too many more to name all of.

Roll on 2015, you'l all make it memorable!



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